Sunday, 8 March 2015

WW2 Desert battle 1942

We returned to the desert for our weekend game using Blitzkrieg commander using my Dads German DAK and British armies. This time round I elected to use Rommels Panzers and managed to get my butt well and truly Kicked. I lost all my Tanks bar two Panzer II's and nearly a whole infantry platoon all for the loss of 1 Grant tank to tne British! I rolled some truly awful shooting dice and was totally out gunned by the British armour. I managed the customary blunders, just the four in total during this game. It was definetly one to forget, even when I managed to get some air support it was driven from the skies before it could fire a shot in anger. Rather than have to relive the horror of this performance il let the pictures tell the story of the game ha ha, the smoke coming from my tanks is abit of a give away!

My 88 was the only thing which managed to destroy anything British when it took a Grant out late in the game. This sucess was short lived however when the very next turn it blundered and limbered back up and retreated away towards its own table edge.

Panzer IIIs and IIs supported by a infantry platoon move out towards the town, it all looked do promising.
The Germans attack the town where the oil refinery lies (objective of the game to seize control of it and keep it)

The Sherman's and Mitildas in the distances start to make short work of the German Panzers.

British infantry take control of the town early in the game supported by 2pdr Porte guns

The RAF arrive and despite a hail of anti aircraft fire they still manage to unleash there payload onto a Panzer III who goes up in flames unsurprisingly 

The mighty British armour had a field day during this game.

A fire fight across the town, fighting building to building. Note my HMG team and infantry platoon in front of the house as they had blundered and made a move towards the nearest enemy unit which took them out of the safety of the house

The agents hide away in the okay trees fully aware that a 88 is waiting for them if they dare move.

After hammering the position with mortar fire and Panzer II mg fire to little effect I stormed the house for a second time with my infantry, 8 dice and only one 6 later the German infantry were routed and destroyed. My dad managed 2 hits so doubled my Score destroying both teams.

The Lufftwaffe arrive only to be hammered by anti aircraft fire and scared off!

A familiar sight for the British as they advance with there honeys as all the Panzer III are on fire

Platoon number Two..... All knocked out

The Sherman's proved far to good in the fire fight with the Panzer IIIs winning gone shoot out 3-0 in destroyed tanks

Both sides struggle to shift each other from tne buildings as the fire fight intensifies 
I had to put this picture up as it was the only sucess I had in the entire game, thanks to the power of the 88

Very bad day at the office for me and I had managed to loose all that armour, not what Rommel and Germany can afford during this stage of the war. It was still a fun game despite my woeful performance and the walk in the park it turned out to be for my dad. There's always next time :-), maybe I field an army of 88s mmmm

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