Saturday, 7 March 2015

Project Sudan 1884+ gathering pace nicely :)

After my walloping in our WW2 desert game at the weekend (AAR to follow) with the desert terrain been out I thought it would be a chance to get a few snaps of the progress been made on my British and Mahdist armies. First up is the first brigade of British made up of three battalions of infantry and a artillery piece. Everything is based for Blackpowder and are Pendraken models.

The brigade is made up of the following units. First up are the Royal Marines.
The 1st battalion Yorkshire and Lancaster regiment dressed in Kharki uniforms.
And. Finally the famous 'Black watch' 1st battalion
British field gun and commander

And facing them are the masses of Madhist tribesman
So far I have 3 Dervish and 3 Mahdist tribesman Warbands competed along with a band of Mahdist Riflemen and a smoothball gun.

The mounted troops are a unit of Camels and Mahdist light cavalry.

The camels are a particular favourite of mine and another few units and they are really going to look the part, even if it is of the running away from the first volley from the British infantry!
Finally a close up of the MAhdist riflemen and artillery piece, not much cop when it comes to shooting but hey they look good!
Plenty more to go as I've just received a order for the British mounted troops, the Hussairs and lances along with limbers for the guns from Magister Millitum. Exciting times lie ahead.


  1. I love 10mm, in the process of League of Augsburg, ACW, about just over halfway through each project and I have lead piles forSeven Years War, AWI, Napoleonic and Sudan......I must learn to concentrate on one project at a time! lol

    Great work on your armies and I'm envious of the number of games you play!