Thursday, 28 May 2015

If you go down to the woods to day your in for a great surprise .......

A day off work ment I was able to have a quick afternoon game with my dad so we opted for a fantasy game to give my dads newly painted wood elves an outing. I played the goblins and here are the forces we picked.
Goblin force
X 6 Goblin Warriors with the Fierce rule
X 1 Goblin Wolfriders with hero
X 1 Goblim Shamen
X 1 Orc Warboss
X 1 Bolt throwers
X 1 Trolls

Wood elves force
X 2 Archers with powerful rule
X 3 Spearmen with forest walker rule
X 1 Tree Ents
X 1 Unicorn unit
X 1 Wild riders
X 1 Wood elf Commander

With the game been arranged on short notice we decided on a straight up battle, my dad opted for 4 woods (surprisingly) were I had a hill and a large area of rocky crags. The terrain random deployment saw my dad come up trumps as two of the woods were placed in the centre of his battle lines.

The wood elves defending the woods, they were to prove a real tough nut to shift, especially the tree Ents who proved to be a very dangerous unit in melee, especially iv they are fighting within a wooded area.

My Goblin bolt thrower caused a few problems early on to the elf Spearmen but could not sustain its early sucess throughout the battle.

At first my Goblin battle line advanced using the Warboss command to move and made good progress, however once they reached bow range the line was soon disrupted and my goblin Warboss lost control of his army as I struggled to get units moving due to some rather true Greenskin command rolls, animosity was definitely rife in this goblin force!

The Goblin sharmen, who well erm did not do to much really. He did cast a spell so all warrior units became impetuses, this seemed like a good idea to get my units into combat seen as though they were failing their command rolls, the results of this spell however proved to be less then satisfactory!

After failing to reach their impetus charge the goblin warriors are attacked by the unicorns and wild riders, a second unit of goblins charge into the combat to.

The results of the Shamens spell, most Goblin units reached combat but once there they seemed somewhat reluctant to fight and the attack was repelled by the elves.

The Elves launch a counter attack after holding the initial Goblin attack.

The Goblin line starts to falter.

And in some cases break into full rout......

As can be seen there is not much left of the Goblin battle line. Unfortunately I was rolling low on my Command points so was not really able to rally my routing troops.

The Tree Ents, after beating the Goblin warriors overrun and catch the Goblin bolt throwers making short work of the out matched goblins

I tried one final charge into the Wood elves line which despite starting to suffer casualties managed not to be broken. I had managed to push the elves back but more importantly I had been unable to rout any of them leaving Goblin warriors flanks exposed.

Which my dad exploited with out any hesitation. Here is my Shamen about to come to a very sticky end.

The warriors in the woods are flanked, it really turned out to be a bad idea to be fighting a wood elf warrior unit inside a Wood, it should have been a give away in the name lol

The melees are fought out and the outcome went in tne favour of the elves..

As my Shamen was routed and destroyed......

As was a further a Goblin warrior unit which pushed me over my 50% mark 

A crushing victory for the Wood Elves on their debut, the Wood elves proved to be a well rounded army. Good shooting and reliable warriors although alittle fragile in melee sets a good base to allow the hard hitting units, especially those Tree Ents to do some real damage to their enemies, which my dad utilised well in this game?  The Terrain did favour the elves today and hinder the goblins. I Also in true Green skin style had pretty poor command rolls for the best part of the game and really struggled to generate command points and magic points. Another good game of Warband and with the arrival of the wood elves plenty of new challenges Lie ahead.

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