Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wood elves and undead progress pictures.

While I was at my dads playing the Warband game I though I'd show case his new wood elves army on my blog along with the first units for my Undead/Vampire armies.

Giànt Eagles and Wild riders

A Great Dragon and unicorns

Wood elves archers and scouts

Wood elves commander

Wood elves Wizard

Tree Ents

Wood elves Spearmen

And the first painted units of my Vampire & Undead armies, I purchased all my troops at tripples Sheffield couple of weeks ago, everything I need to field either a vampire army or a undead one. The Theme of my army is going to be the same as I had for my warhammer Vampire counts army as this had been one of my favourite armies throughout my days playing warhammer, basically it's going to be just a 10mm version of it :-) 


My revenants unit, il be using these banshees to Represent them

Gargoyles unit

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