Monday, 30 November 2015

Battleground 2015 part one...Blucher demo game

On Saturday my dad and I ran a Blucher game at the Battleground wargame show at Middlesbrough show using our 10mm Napolionic French and Austrian armies. The show was well attended and it seemed like our game was well received by the public, we had plenty of questions asked about the rule set so I hope we managed to sell the game well. I have taken photos of some of the other demonstration games of which there was was some nice looking games which I will post as a part 2 of the day. My dad had been rather busy printing and lamenting the unit cards for the day so we used these for our deployment. With it been a demonstration game we played 400 points aside, bigger than our normal games but we could get more of our units on show. We kept the terrain simple but effective to allow for a easy running game. I took a few photos of the game when I got chance of the action, we managed to get around 10 turns in throughout the day which by the time the show started to wind down my dads Austrians were starting to hold the upper hand.

The table at set up

French Dragoons move to meet the threat of the Austrian hussars in support of the Bavarians

Austrian hussars and horse artillery

Austrain Dragoons appear from behind the hill to give a nasty surprise to the on coming French line brigades

The Austrain left flank sees a Austarain infantry Corp advance

The table after most of our units had been revealed

Austrain Currasiers charge the Saxon massed battery

My Bavarains push up to support the French line infantry brigades as Napoleon over sees the action

The battle in full action from behind the Austrain lines.

The Saxon corp comes under a heavy attack from the Austrian Grenadier brigades

The Old guard Corp moves up to support the faltering French line attack

The end of the battle looking across the battlefield.

As I stated before I will put up some pictures of the other games I managed to get alook at up in my follow up post.


  1. This looks splendid, your boards look much better close up than from afar. 10mm is very appealing but we are so far into 28mm now that its really too late for us to turn back, besides I can't see them! Best wishes,
    Jeremy J

  2. Neil,
    It was the neatest[ in the correct sense] game at the show. It was also a great game to look at, I wish I could have taken a command, hopefully next time.

  3. It was a great looking game, thanks for coming along to the show. It was nice to have some well painted 10mm's in front of the stand as well!

  4. Like the figures! I thought they were 15mm! Well done.