Sunday, 1 November 2015

I've been drawn to the dark side....

 I've gone and done it and purchased the starwars X wing minitures core game while I was away with the family for the weekend at Blackpool for the illuminations. I must admit I've toyed (no pun intended) with the idea for sometime now, but after seen the trailer for the new starwars movie, seen those X wings dog fighting with the tie fighters I just had to take the plunge. I know I've probably opened a can of worms here as I will no doubts have to purchase an entire fleet capable of taking over the entire universe but I'm a starwars fan at heart and there's just so many cool ships :-) 
Anyhow I played the step by step beginners game with my willing (or not) partner Cathetine tonight who took control of the tie fighters. About an hour later and yes she blew my X wing fighter to pieces, i enjoyed the game, now tomorrow night and the return leg, I'll take control of those Tie fighters this time :-)


  1. I've already got the original core game plus extra ties and x-wings...doesn't stop me beong tempted by this new box, though. So far I've managed to resist but I suspect once I see the film...oh well!

  2. I thought it would only be a matter of time before you would succumb after speaking about it at Shildon, Obi wan Neilreidi!