Saturday, 20 August 2016

Big Hail Caesar Carthagian & Roman Republic clash

Last weekend we played another game of Hail Caesar using my dads ever growing Roman Republic and Carthagian armies which now comfortably passes over the 1000 point mark. With not been able to my blog for the last week the details of the game are a little sketchy but what definetly was not in question was a Roman victory for my dad as the Carthagian army really faltered badly in this game. The Gauls division just couldn't manage more than a single move each turn and never really got into the action, the Carthagian veteran spears were anything but Veteran standard and could not handle the furoicous attack by the Hastati after the initial attack by the Velites and were swiftly defeated and as for the Carthagian cavalry..cough...we won't go there. It was a cracking game which we managed to play to a conclusion which was nice for a game of this size, here are some photos of the game 😀

The Velites clash with the Lybian Spearmen and elephants, even causing two of the elephants to stampede
The Carthagian cavalry charge their Roman counter parts and dually lose and both units fail their break test with a roll of 3 on two D6.....
The veteran lines of the Carthagian infantry supported by the citizen Spearmen await their orders to attack
The massed Warbands of the Gauls struggle to cover the ground to reach the Roman Spanish allies in the distance
The Hastati take over the fight from the  Velites and force the Carthagian lines back
The light infantry ready themselves for the advancing Gauls
The Veteran Lybian Spearmen see there lines begin to break as the Romans start to turn the screw
The Gauls fall short in their final attempt to charge the Spanish infantry
The Lybian infantry and elephant division breaks under the relentless attack by the Roman centre
The Carthagian centre completely broken as the Principes start to sweep round onto the flank of the retreating Lybian Veteran division as the Roman cavalry also push forward unopposed to threaten. The Carthagian position at this stage was completely unattainable and lost meaning a Fine Roman Republic victory was not in any doubt. 

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  1. Great setup as usual Neil.

    My first EVER army was 25mm Carthaginians using the old Minifigs Punic Wars range. They were great, unpredictable and usually expected to loose, which they rarely did, but that's 40 years ago! OMG!