Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Buy a small ship I said.....

I took my daughter to her first football game at the weekend to the hallowed turf of St James park to take in a Newcastle friendly match, 3 goals in the first half from Newcastle on her first game wasn't a bad start 😌. We had arrived a few hours before kick off so after a burger and chips we went for alook around the shops. When I went into Forbidden planet store (I swear my 5year old daughter wanted to go in, honest 😉) I was going to buy myself a SMALL fighter for my X wing games, however  when I was looking through the stock I came across the Ghost Expansion set which had a discount of just shy  of a tenner of the RRP. I have just recently downloaded the Starwars REBEL cartoon series and have watched a few episodes so I am now fimilar with the ship and its crew, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it a such a discount. A quick phone call to the other half explaining what a bargain I had found and how it was the last one in stock, and how good this ship would be in our games of X wing, the Ghost was purchased! It comes with the Phantom craft which you can deploy from the ship during the game and comes with all the the upgrade cards and character cards you come to expect from a X wing expansion pack so the ship can be used in loads of different combinations and also there was a new mission in it to. Hopefully I will get a game at the weekend so I can give the Ghost a outing and at least try and not get it blown up on its debut as I normally do with my new purchases!

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