Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A second game using Iron Cross

Following on from last weeks game we tried the second scenario from the Iron Cross rule book. Both myself and my dad had studied the rules abit more since the last game so we had a much clearer understanding of the rules which showed in this game. The game proved to be a tight affair with the Americans having the early sucess but as the game wore on the Germans lead a strong counter attack which hit the Americans hard although it proved to be to late in the day as the game ended in a draw as time ran out. The rules worked really well again and proved to have a lot of tactical decisions for both of us, especially when to activate or react or even to pass the inititive over to your opponent, you have to be so careful as your command tokens can run out very quickly when you burn them trying to rally morale from troops, or activating (or attempting) to many units allowing you opponent to spend his command tokens unopposed! This however to me is the fun, challenging part of the game of Iron cross which I am really enjoying.😄
American infantry and Sherman take cover in the wood
Sdkfz 222 scout car reccees the American position to call in moral support
German grenadiers storm the ruined building occupied by a squad of American infantry as the supporting Panzer IV H destroys a Sherman 75mm
A tank hunter in the form of a Hetzer taking cover around the farm area
Shermans advance round the wood protected by infantry and MG team
German HMG and infantry squad lurk in the wooded area
American infantry and MG support the Mortar team along the hedgerow
A Tiger I advances over the train lines as infantry emerge from the wood in support
German high command centre and hospital and supply area

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