Thursday, 29 September 2016

Down town gunfight

I had a couple of spare hours on my day off work this week so I popped up to my dads for another attempt at trying dead mans hand. We picked our gangs at 21 reputation points per side and used a scenario from the book, I took control of the Lawmen and my dad decided to use the desperado gang

The bad guys enter the town and catch the good guys by surprise while the Desperado big boss enjoys a cigar at the tobacco shop. (Expecting his men to do his dirty work and kill that pesky interfering sheriff) 

 The Desperado big boss is attacked by a couple of deputies who shoot up the tobacco shop with their pistols, not hitting to much else mind but at least they let him know they were there!
The law men's Marshal calmly walks across the town gunning down the Desperado foot soldiers
The effects of a gun fight sees two lawmen and two desperado skilled, but at least the cattle survived the cross fire
The Yellow bellied Desperado boss loses his nerve and rides away from the town with the remains of his gang, obviously his henchmen had really let him down been unable to kill the towns sheriff  so he thought it best to return at a later date with a gang who maybe up for the job. (A more likely reason is that the local Marshall had proved to be as tough as old boots and the Desperafo boss just got the hell out of town before he ended up in a gun fight he would not win)
Safe to now come out of hiding the local town folk congratulate the Sheriff on driving the evil desperadoes gang from town......well at least for the time bring

I have quite taken to these rules and definetly they have a fun eliminate to them which to me was important when undertaking this small side project.  I will now have to watch the magnificent seven remake and the upcoming West world to series to swat up on some  cowboy  lingo 😄

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