Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ireland late 16th Century

Our latest game last weekend saw me fight with the Irish army of around 1570+ in a pitched battle against the invading English army using Pike and Shotte rules. Although I am familiar with the rules I have zero knowledge of the conflict so my dad was King enough to give me a few pointers on how to fight tactically with the Irish army. I tried to use the cover presented on the battlefield as much to my advantage as possible, to give me a solid defensive line and allow my dad fighting with the English to advance onto my position, this in its self was was tricky for me as normally I can be quite aggressive in attacking when wargaming, so I was itching to just jump over the hedges with my Gallowglass troops and charge head long, double handed axes and all into the deep ranks of English pikemen (which would not be a good idea mind you). However I stuck to the plan and I just about managed to hang on to a draw as a couple of my brigades became broken, my dad definetly was getting into a position to win the game and would have but for a late charge from the Gallowglass troops in the centre who broke a English brigade and reclaimed there lost position around the hedgerows. The game was definetly interesting and different from the normal games we play and definetly fighting with the Irish was a challenge. I'm not going into a blow by blow account of the game but I'm sure the photos will tell their own story......

The English battle lines in the valley
Irish Light brigade (Kern) in reserve on the hill, they would be called upon late in the game
Gallowglass brigade in a strong defensive line
The English army advances onto the Irish line
The Irish light cavalry Harass the English's slow advance over the fields 
English halbadiers attack the Irish defenders in the centre of the battlefield
The Irish are pushed back from the hedgerow as the English advance gathers momentum 
The commander of the Gallowglass troops orders a follow me to hold the crumbling centre
The Irish kern brigade comes down from the hill to try and protect the left flank
The Irish cavalry await any break through by the English from the top of the hill, ready for action if called upon
The Gallowglass troops get the better of the attacking English brigade which eventually becomes a broken brigade and retreats.
Led by the General him self the English knights run a mock as the Irish left flank collapse with some rather shocking morale tests
The English Halberdiers push deep into the enemy lines breaking the Irish brigade opposing them
However,despite been broken the Irish manage to pass their morale over the last two turns of the game to remain locked in combat stopping the English of a certain victory.
Just about managing to hold on the Irish force claims a very nervy draw as the game comes to a close

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