Friday, 30 September 2016

Off to Donnington park

Early tomorrow morning my dad and I are heading south to attend the Derby wargames show held at donnington park, a venue I used to take my tent with me to camp  for the weekend with 60000+ metal heads for the monsters of rock or Download festival as its called now. It's a show I look forward to, second only to the York show earlier in the year. I'm particularly looking foward to tomorrow as it will be only my second convention I have been able to attend this year for a number of reasons. I have sold off some of my surplus WW2 German tanks and figures so I have enough money to have a decent spend, what I am going to buy I have absolutely no idea but having a look at the trade on show I'm sure I will find something that wets my appetite. 

Action from a recent Blucher game between our French and British 10mm armies
French light cavalry from my 10mm collection

I am also going to make a conscious effort to view as many of the games as possible as a few of the   demonstration games are of a historical period that interests me, in particular the napolionic games on display I'm keen to see. My dad and I are going to note our favourite games in order to see how it compares to each other. 

My dads British holding back the French attack columns

So I've got my bait ready in the fridge and my rucksack sorted, all now is to get a early(ish) night ready for the early morning alarm going off, although I probably won't get that much sleep as I'm excited for the day out (sad I know but hey I'm a big kid really 😄) . Hopefully the show lives up to my expectations which I'm sure  it will!

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