Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Derby wargames show 2016

At the weekend I had a very enjoyable day out  to Donnington park for the Derby Wargames show with my dad. Once we arrived after a small detour when we exited the roundabout at the wrong exit ( we both obviously blamed each other as you do )we joined a largish que, however This detour and extra minutes to our journey was a small twist of fate as the gentleman behind us in the que to enter the complex eyed my dads ECW troops he was going to sell at the flee market and quickly snapped them up, so it turned out not to bad! Once inside we grabbed a table on the flea market and quickly sold off our remaining items which was a bonus as it allowed us more time to get around the show. As for the show its self it seemed to be pretty busy. I had a good luck around all the trade stands to see if anything caught my eye and there was certainly plenty of trade. First up I bought the new osprey rule book they who would be kings as I was interested to see how the colonial games could be played at a smaller scale. I couldn't go to a show and not buy at least a couple of ships for my X wing game so  I opted for an A wing and a Z-95 Headhunter. Unfortunately I was unable to find anything for the warlord games terminator game apart from the core set which was a shame as I was hoping to add some figures to it and to get my hands on the full rule book. When I explained that I wanted the rule book seperate at the warlord games stand I was told that they don't carry the stock but they could order it for me there and then,which I thought ok that's not to bad. When I said that the book was £15 at the moment on the Internet the man serving at the stand said he for a one off would give me the core set which included the full rules and a Carl Reece model as an extra for the £15 rather than the £30 they were selling it for, with out hesitation I shook the mans hand handed him the money and left feeling very happy with myself, so a big shout out to Warlord games staff who were really friendly and helpful. I also picked up some more Mahdists packets which I preordered from Pendraken and some more explosion markers for destroyed tanks.(every year I keep meaning to get a packet of these and always forget ) finally I also picked up some rumble scenery to use with the terminator games from a cool little stall selling sci if terrain. All in all I was pretty happy and I still had a rare sight of ten pound notes in my wallet which doesn't happen to often! Finally I though the games were of a good standard, I would have liked to have studied them in abit more depth but time was short so I did by best to see as many as possible, I even thought the standard of the participation games was very good, including the small skirmish games, it seemed like alot of effort had been put into the terrain and set up areas. I think I will give the best game to Like a stone wall group for there battle of Hastings which I really would have liked to play and a very close second was the Rorkes drift game by the Boondock Sayntes which was very well done. My dad went for the Battle of Rain by Wesbury wargames for the best display game followed again by the Rorkes drift game. All in all a very good show, even though we walked out into torrential rain which literally soaked us to the bone making the car journey home a tad uncomfortable, although at least we didnt take any detours on the way back....

My purchases (minus the pendraken Mahdists)

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