Sunday, 23 October 2016

Hasta la vista baby.....

Over the last couple of weeks I have been purchasing some terrain pieces to extend my Terminator game. I got the ruined buildings made from MDF from a company on eBay for a very reasonable price of £13 and a couple of toy trucks for a wallet busting £1 each from the pound shop! The buildings still need finishing as I've only painted them grey at the moment as I wanted to have a game with them and the trucks  I have painted to look rusty along with the skip. I have set about painting the figures aswell, with 3 resistance soldiers finished including Kyle Reese and 6 terminators done.
The terrain board definetly looking better with the addition of the ruined buildings
Terminators with plasma guns and endoskelton crawlers
My bargain basement truck adds to the effect of terrain and also acts as a useful source of cover for the humans.
Also having purchased the full Rulebook the game definetly plays a lot better. When I first play tested the game I had originally felt that the game was unbalanced and almost impossible to win with the humans but with the advanced rules and a few mistakes I was making with the basic rules ironed out the game was much more enjoyable and balanced. 
Terminators advance through the ruined city streets
Kyle Reece ambushes the passing terminators from the top floor of a building
The resistance fighters finding cover in the streets 
Relentlessly the terminators advance foward
With the board set up I managed to grab a 500point game with my partner on Sunday evening. Using the new rules definetly added to the game and by the end I had managed to win with the humans,hurray! Although some quite shocking dice throwing from Catherine (4 times she rolled a 1 on a d20, the only result which destroys you!) definetly contributed to this. I have ordered a few more minitures for the game although I have a feeling I'm going to be wait while for these as they were out of stock. In the mean time I have plenty more terminators and humans to paint,.....

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  1. Neil,
    Thats very good scenery,I also like the base board.