Monday, 7 November 2016

Macedonians back on the table top

After a few months of been stored away in  boxes I really fancied giving my Macedonian army a run out. Now this army has a kind of love hate relationship with me as I absolutely love the look of it, all those pike Phalanxs how can you not but my gaming record using it is appalling, try as I might,changing tactics, adjusting the personnel of the divisions, changing dice,I just can't buy a win or a dominant performance, Usually resulting in my army ending up a very disjointed..well mess to be brutally honest. Granted this army certainly isn't the luckiest army in my collection and when using Hail Caesar like its counter part Blackpowder when the chips are down it can be pretty brutal on you. So after another poor outing last weekend against my dads Indian army, it's back to the drawing board to rethink my strategy from scratch. I think I am a little to reliant on my skirmish screen, these troops tend to end up been a hinderance to my army and not the opponents so I think sacrificing some of these units and having some more Phalanxes should be the way to go, i think another division of heavy infantry phalanxes would give those Indians some food for thought, or more target practice if they decide to give up moving when they get to Bow range! Anyhow I sneaked a draw in our game, to be fair my dad didn't have the greatest nights dice rolling and for once those heavy chariots flunked big style, none more so than when 11 attack dice saw my dad hit twice (which I saved) when they had charged my Hypastists in the flank, and ended up losing the melee ! Still it was a fun evening and a enjoyable game to play, here are a few pictures of the game...

Macedonian camp
Indian archers and supporting elephants
The start of the slow advance over the table
The usually Hard hitting heavy Indian chariots 
The Macedonian general takes the lead of the static Phalanxes, blocked by those reluctant skirmishes who are not really interested in closing with The enemy 
Thessalian and Thracian cavalry clash with the Indian medium cavalry division
Heavy chariots flank the vulnerable Phalanxs who are engaged to the front 
The Macedonian pike prove to much to handle for the Indian heavy chariots
The phalanxes fall back to reform after somehow surviving the flank charge
The aftermath of tne battle 

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