Friday, 30 December 2016

Last post of 2016..

As 2016 comes to a close here are Some of the famous faces to leave us.

So long 2016 and good ridenance pretty much somes up this year for me. Personal problems have taken their toll on my hobby this year as unfortunately it had to take a place on the back seat as issues in real life have had to be dealt with. I have tried to keep my blog as active as possible with AAR from games I have taken part in, particularly games with my dad who's fantastic 10/15mm armies I am able to showcase through this blog (he paints a mean wargame figure but the world of uploading and downloading is best left to me 😀). I have tried to keep adding to my small projects such as X wing and terminator genysis throughout the year and I have made some extra additions to my colonial armies and I managed to get up and running my Deadmans hand project but I never got any larger projects underway.

French and Austrain cavalry clash during our last game of 2016...Blucher 
Bavarain and Franch line infantry brigades advance onto the Austrain lines
Two onto one is never a fair fight!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend many shows this year, I did go to York at the beginning of the year which happens to be my favourite and it didn't disappoint but this aside I only managed to go to Derby and our local show Batteground at Middlesbourgh where my dad and I put a demonstration game using my Mahdist & British armies. With this in mind it's not fair to say which was the best show but I'm sure York will have taken some beating. 
I have played a fair amount of new rule sets this year and I've lost track of how many times my dad has been busy rebasing armies ha ha, my main change in rules was for WW2 which saw me sell off my battlegroup books as we now favour the Ironcross rule set. I really enjoyed our Blackpowder games this year, especially the ACW with the extra amendments from the Blood and glory supplement, and recently I really enjoyed a SSW game using volley and bayonet, a simple yet very playable set of rules. However I think my favourite set of rules I used this year was impetus baroque, which came as a surprise to me as I was never won over using impetus rules before.

French Currasiers on mass but their presence fails to prevent a defeat in our final game
Our final game in full flow

One positive in my hobby this year (especially for my dad) has seen me taking up the painting side of the hobby for the first time in a lot of years. I've been steadily adding to my paint supply and I think my figures I have managed to paint to a pretty decent standard, granted I've been painting 28mm terminators and resistance Fighters and now Walking dead figures (which once I finish basing I will photo for the blog) and not 10mm Napolionic figures but it's a start.

So what's on the horizon for 2017? I think this year I will start a new army or two.  I am leaning towards something for Hail Caesar rules but of a later period than my Macedonians, possibly Atilla the Hun in 10mm?, Im definetly tempted. I will no doubt continue to add to my X wing and walking dead games as they are something which I can easily set up and play in my own home on the kitchen table for a couple of hours of fun, maybe I might look at purchasing other board games to. Hopefully I will get to one or two more shows this year and hopefully get a few more games in all been well, it would be nice to get some BIG games in like we had up at Westerhope where I had a great day!

Well that just leaves me to wish everyone a...

See you in 2017!!!!


  1. Thanks for keeping such an interesting blog going, also I like looking at seeing how your dad goes about basing his 10mm for the various armies. More please for 2017. Cheers Norm.

  2. Neil, you're welcome up here any time. Happy new year!

  3. I hear you! I have rebased my 15mm moderns for the third and last time now (Soviets with all their weird missile teams) Fantastic work from you and your pop. Keep it up in 2017..

  4. Neil,
    Its good that you are painting, and storing up on the paint. I've gort a couple of ideas for some big games this year, so we will have to see what comes of it. I agree about the ACW by the way, the rules work well.