Friday, 30 December 2016

Star Wars X wing miniatures update

Just before Christmas I ordered myself some asteroids for use in my X wing minatures game, I managed to get them painted quickly and onto the table top. The rocks I just repeatedly dry brushed grey, lighting the colour each time I applied it, to finish them I gloss varnished them and seen as though the kids had their craft stuff out I pinched a bit of the silver glitter and sprinkled it over the asteroids which I think give a nice finishing touch, they match my p,any mat very nicely .
A Christmas present I received came in the form of boba fetts slave 1 ship which I just had to get unboxed and into play. We played the mission which came with the ship, I played boba fett and the accompanying tie fighters while Catherine had hand and chewie in the falcon supported by a couple of X wings. A bounty had been placed on Hands Solo and to win the mission you simply had to take out the falcon which is easier said than done.... 
The arieal battle takes place between the asteroids
The millennium falcon and the save one juke it out with one another. Alas for me despite dealing the falcon some serious damage once I lost my supporting tie fighters, the X wings closed in for the kill on my slave one, helping Hans to escape the clutches of the empire once again.
The battered Falcon flies through the asteroid before jumping into light speed
While I had my table set up I thought I'd take a picture of the ships I have purchased so far, what was bought as a game on the side is gradually growing into quite a force, which no doubting will be added to during 2017 after I have watched the new Star Wars rogue one film ha ha.😄

The Rebel ships
The Imperial and scum & Villainy ships 

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