Thursday, 8 December 2016

WSS game using Volley and bayonet

Last weekend saw myself and my dad fight a battle using his Marlburian 10mm armies this time using volley and bayonet rules. I have used the rules before albeit a bit back but after a quick read over them again in the few days before the game I felt more than comfortable playing a game with them. I played the Britsh and Austrain force which had been sent to relieve the siege of the city by a French force which had besiged it for a couple of weeks .
The outskirts of the besiged city, in the distance the battle lines can be seen forming
British infantry led by the Scots Guards in the centre
British lines advance over the fields towards the French in the distance
French allies in four regiments of Bavarains 

On the right flank of the battle my cavalry clashed with the French horse, despite my superior numbers I lost this fight and the majority of my Calvary was routed, only my Dragoons managed to hang around 
to late in the battle before they became broken

Over on my left flank the combined Austrain and English brigade made short work of the Irish as all three regiments were broken without to much fuss after a couple of devasting volleys broke the Irish resistance.

Both armies are almost with in musket range as the centres close on each other

Left centre saw an almighty fire fight with my British guards and line against the French infantry. Some tricky morale throws were needed to be passed and the arrival of my second line and the Austrains fresh from there victory over the Irish swung the advantage to the British as these fresh units managed to eventually break the French infantry and artillery.

This has a domino effect along the line as the French centre completely collapsed leaving only a couple of disordered shot up regiments to defend against the advancing British.

Despite the lose of my British cavalry my Dragoons managed to hold there lines until the reserve Austrain Currasiers reinforced the right flank . My dad moved in for the jugular at this point as he realised the battle was all but lost as his centre had been completely broken and this was his last chance to turn my right flank completely. However despite now having the numbers and with the arrival of his Currasiers my dad proceeded to roll some shocking dice as two regiments of Currasiers somehow managed to lose a two on one fight against there Austrain counterparts and then in turn both failed there morale routing. When the dust settled from all the cavalry melees the British right flank had held and broken the French cavalry against the odds.

The English and Austrain sweep across the battlefield unopposed as the remains French infantry flee as the battle is lost and the siege is lifted

The final positions show the French centre and right flank completely gone. Also the French cavalry have been repulsed in their attack on the British right flank leaving only the Bavarians as a capable fighting force.

Well it turned out to be a major victory for the British and her allies as I comprehensively beat my dads French army. My infantry preformed well and I think I found the right balance in this game of when to commit my second lines into the action. I had made my brigades larger than my dads French in this game and we both felt this proved desicive when it came down to nitty gritty of the fire fight. I was able to withdraw my units which had suffered heavy casualties and replace them with fresh units were my dad didn't have this option, however as I stated in the AAR I over came some potentially damaging morale roles which had I have failed could easily have seen my centre collapse. My cavalry were poor on the day and unbelievably they managed to hold the flank when all looked lost as my dad proved to be the architect of his own down fall as his luck with dice escaped him in the final turn as he attempted to completely rout my battered right flank, failing quite spectacularly when it looked easier to win! It was a great game and after having a couple of games fighting with the period it is definetly growing on me. (Since this game my dad has rebased all the British into two lines per base). I enjoyed the rules, nice and simple but enough to depth to keep the game interesting. Our next game will see us fighting Wilson's Creek in a Blackpowder ACW game. Robie and Colin refought this battle at the battleground show a couple of weeks ago and I quite fancied having a crack at it using the Rebs, this time though we will be refighting it in 10mm. 


  1. Neil, tell your dad that looks absolutely amazing, the figures are gorgeous and would put to shame many a 28mm

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  3. Neil,
    As you know I faced your Dad yesterday with a Volley and Bayonet regimental game. I cannot for the life of me recall why we stopped using the rules. It was a cracking game.