Saturday, 13 July 2013

1944 Western Europe

Last nights game saw us return to the Blitzkrieg Commander WW2 game for a change as it had been a while.The scenario was to claim as many of the numerous objectives over the battlefield which would be worth either 1d6 2d6 or 3d6 depending there position on the battlefield at the end of the game. Much of the battle was fought over the middle ruined buildings were both sides suffered from heavy firing and on the left flank where a tank fire fight between the Stug III's and the Sherman platoon took place, the Stugs coming out on top with the aid of some rather impressive armour saving. The Tiger I and S-S infantry platoon on the other flank decided they had more important matters and spent most of the game ignoring orders and doing very little. The British off table artillery proved to be a thorn in the Germans side, regularly pining and inflicting casualties on the German forces, but the British were hampered by some blunders during issuing orders, hampering their progress. In the end both armies had 5 objectives each but the Germans just managed to claim the more important objectives and won 49 - 45 to win an enjoyable close game.

Sherman fire forces the StuG III to give ground back towards the cover of the wheatfield
British infantry take the building objectives

A view across the battle field

Sunlight shines down the road as the Stugs advance towards the building objective

German Heer infantry support the Stugs advancing into the buildings

British infantry head towards the buildings on the opposite side of the German held buildings with a Humber scouting the way

A Sherman and Firefly brew up under the deadly accurate fire from the Stugg
An are aerial shot of the battle for the ruined buildings 

The Tiger snaps off its only shots of the game at the M10 which results in one hit out of ten

German 10.5 cm guns start to barrage the British lines

A pre timed barrage falls on the British troops in the ruins which with the support of mg fire drives the Britsh out

A panzerschreck team moves from the wood to try a pot shot at the Sherman but fails its command roll

The British troops reinforced by a second platoon retake the ruined buildings and despite a piat shot pinning the Stug they fail to advance into the adjacent buildings to deny the Germans the objective

A smoke bombardment puts the a tiger out of the game and allows the M10 to escape out of view safely

The Heer infantry holed up in the building cling to the objective after taking heavy casualties

Despite the burning Shermans and a pre timed bombardment hitting the ruined building, the Brithish remain steadfast to there positions 

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