Monday, 8 July 2013

A day trip to Eden POW camp

With the sun out in its full glory (yes shock to the system i know) me and the better half and the little one fresh from our stay at the York Marriott where they very kindly upgraded to an executive room descended on to Eden camp just outside of York. My partner had been there a few times on school trips but this was my first visit and I was not to be disappointed. On arrival you are greeted by a spitfire and hurricane along with various other vehicles before you reach the car park and from there the real fun begins. Each one of the former camps 29 huts has been transformed into a certain aspect of the war, from the rise of Hitler and the Reich, to the inside of a u boat to walking through a street during the blitz..complete with smells and smoke. There is countless memorabilia on show from letters to photos to uniforms. We spent the entire day there and truth be known I could have done with a couple more hours, it was a great day enjoyed by all, and all for £6 entry fee you can't be robbed, great value for money and a return visit with my dad is been planned. I managed to take a few snaps of some of the vehicles and guns scattered around the camp, starting with the very impressive T-34 with my daughter stood in front if it :-)

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