Monday, 22 July 2013

BGK 600 pt Bridge Head Breakout scenario

Today's game saw us play the bridge head breakout scenario from the Battle Group Kursk (BGK) book. I choose 600 pts from the Russian Tank Corp against my Dad who picked the same points from a German Infantry division. My force was
X 2 T34 platoons
X 1 Motorised rifle platoon with a Maxim mg and 76.2 mm anti tank gun
X 1 Forward HQ
X 1 Forward Signals truck
X 1 Supply column
X 2 T-70
X 1 SU 122
X 1 Quad MG Anti aircraft truck
X 2 82mm Mortars off table
X 1 Pre registered target point
X 1 Timmed 122mm barrage and a timed Sturmovik attack
X 1 Reece infantry unit
The Germans consisted of
X 2 Grenadier platoons one mounted in trucks
X 1 Stug G platoon
X 1 Ferdinand
X 1 88mm 
X 1 Sdkfz 222
X 1 Forward HQ
X 1 Forward signals unit
X 2 1st priority 

We rolled 3 objectives, one was the bridge which the Germans were in control of,the Russians placed their objective in there half of the table central next to the road, while the Germans placed the final objective in front of the hill in their deployment area. I placed my target point in the field near the bridge and destroyed panzer objective, the timed barrage was to hit the bridge on turn 6 and the Sturmovik would hit on turn 8 in the open ground in front of the river on the German left, I was hopeful that the Germans tanks would attack this way. we both only started the game with a couple of units on the table,the Russians got the first turn.
For the first few turns in the game the Russians struggled to get there reserves to arrive only arriving in dribs and drabs, I brought the t 34's on and used the Stal Stal order to get them advancing quickly, the Germans claimed the bridge and panzer wreck objectives quickly as the did the Russians with their objective.o
German Stug's arrive from reserve supported by infantry crossing the river, the units in the field were hit by 82mm mortar fire losing one unit to a direct hit pinning the unit, and then managing to fail the pinning test save with a roll of a 1 which put the unit bellow 50% while already pinned.(my dad always rolls a 1 when saving from a area fire shot you can be guaranteed this!)
T34's claim the wrecked horse and cart objective
Russian forward signals truck helping guide in the mortars
The big cat arrives in the form of the monstrous Ferdinand tank, in the back ground the Timmed 122mm barrage hits home killing the German HQ who was observing from the house and pinning a Stug behind be house
T34's Stal Stal forward firing their area fire shots at the 88mm in the wood, but fail to pin which would lead to grave consequences!
Russian reinforcements finally start to arrive on Mass, the infantry dismount from the truck 
Russian forces pour forward towards the bridge
After surviving the erratic fire from the T34's the 88 ko two T34 which resulted in a mine strike been drawn. I placed it on a German transport truck fully loaded with troops and proceeded to roll a one allowing my dad to replay the mine strike on one of my T34's and destroying it, three of the four t34's on that flank were now on wonder the civilians were running to hide in the church!
The Strumovick swooped down for its timed bombing run, unfortunately my dad hadn't really attacked on this flank, however a squad of grenadiers were unfortunate to find them selves rite under the target area, three of the four bombs scored a direct hit....ouch...needless to say this was the last we saw of them
German troops dismount and take the High ground
A view down the battlefield 
Another morale chit drawn by me see the successful arrival of a PE2 dive bomber who drops his payload on to the crowded hill, pinning four units but missed any direct hits, the Ferdinand remained unaffected and thanks to the supply truck fully reloaded.
Refugees flee to the safe haven of the church as T34's burn around them
The eyes and ears of the Russians, my Partizan infantry i use for my reece infantry, used to spot for my mortars
The 88mm concealed in wood accounted for a lot of the Russian armours destruction.
A Quad Maxim mg searches the skies for the Lufftwaffe

With the game entering the 10th turn we ran out of time, the Russian attack had ground to a halt, I had been badly hindered by poor command rolls, rolling a double one when all your forces are on the table does not help, especially when the barrels of a 88 and a Ferdinand a pointing at you, so i was unable to push home the attack on the bridge despite one sole T34 managing to get there and contest the objective. Try as I might to pin the Ferdinand and 88 I was unable to and I payed the penalty for this, losing all my tanks bar one T34 and the SU 122, the only armour i ko'd was the Sdkfz 222,the Stug armour proved to strong despite some point shots from the T34s. The German fire started to take its toll later in the game when they started to find their target.
However when we tallied up the points the Germans had 29 to the Russians 27, this was more due to the fact that I picked 5 special counters than to what I had killed and the Germans had drawn two further tokens for coming under air attack and losing the HQ, however, no matter how small a victory it is still a victory so my battered Russian forces just edged the day...just


  1. Excellent game.

    Any tips on using FoW based Germans as their separate Rifle and MG squads in Battlegroup?

  2. hi Brian

    I just rebased them as i had light m/g figures mixed in with riflemen for my Flames of War platoons. In BGK each unit is 5 riflemen (which is how i had them based for flames of war) and the light m/g has three men on a base. You will need 3 bases of riflemen and 3 bases of Light M/G and a command unit of 6 men for a platoon. I was able to rearrange my Germans with out having to buy any additional figures which was a plus.