Saturday, 6 July 2013

Warhammer fantasy a clash of the Dark forces

Tonight's game saw a Warhammer game between a host of Daemons verses a Dark Elves force. The game was a 2500 point affair.The terrain had two magic Bane Stones on the left hand side of the table, two mystical forests, a swamp which was dangerous terrain but gives units in it a regeneration save and a hill on the right flank centre table.
The battlefield on deployment after we rolled for a scenario which turned out to be a dawn attack so our forces deployment was determined by a dice role, most of my dark elves strength was in the centre and right flank where the daemon army had most of there hard hitting units on there right flank.

A unit of plague bearers supported by a great unclean one and Epidiemus who's ability to improve the strengths and toughness of all Nurgle troops when successful poisoned attacks reach a certain number proved to be a real pain....note to ones self is to kill him in future games ASAP!
Plague drones hover behind a unit of Tzeench flamers
The bolt thrower finds itself in the thick of a fungus wood as a War Hydra advances towards the Deamon host
Under the towering Bane stone The Witch Elves frenzied by blood lust charge into the nurgleing swarms killing three stands but theDaemons hold their ground as Tzeench screamers swoop to the flank
The War hydra fresh from killing the Nurgle beast in a Beserker state after loosing its handlers chargers into the Plague Drones
After over coming the swarm the witch elves charge into a unit of Plague bearers as Epidiemus leaves his unit as a war Hydra approaches
The Great Unclean one readies to charge into the witch elves flank as the combat between them and the Plague Bearers continues. In the challenge between the Death Hag and the Plague Hearld the hag strikes down her foe.
Dark elf spearman reform on the hill
The war hydra falls to the drones as the increased toughness prove to much for the war hydra to overcome.The Plague Drones reform to face the Highborn on the Dragon who they charge,after one round of combat the supposed Highborn and Dragon flee....luckily he out ran(or flew) his pursuers
Screamers hit the flank of the the repeater crossbows who the run down after a couple of rounds of combat
The plague bearers and Unclean one break and run down the unit of Witch Elves
The furries are frustrated by the bolt thrower crew over a few rounds of combat before the are vanquished back to the realms of chaos

As predicted by myself the Dark elf sorceress attempts one to many spells and ends up in a puff of smoke rolling irresistible force and miscasting,the attempted spell failed to even mark the advancing plague bearers oh the joys of magic!
The full unit of spearman advance towards the plague bearers who flanked and destroyed the bolt thrower alongside a unit of corsairs who had spent much of he game seeing of the flamers who had flanked them on move two.
The freshly rallied black dragon and highborn swoop down to threaten the Plague Bearers flank,using the dragons breath weapon it fails to cause any wounds despite all 13 Deamons been under the template
The battlefield at the end of turn 6. The Hydra withdrew from charge range after destroying the Plague drones and both armies now faced off down the table after both losing one of their flanks.
On adding up the victory points the Daemons won by 200 odd points clamping a minor victory

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