Sunday, 15 December 2013

Ancient Project update

While i was at Smoggycon convention i managed to Purchase quite a few more troops for my Alexander's Successor army from Irregular minitures. I bought some mounted and foot commanders, various light troops, heavy companion cavalry, Peltasts, Thracian light cavalry and some Hypaspists. My dad has been busy painting some of them up so here is a few samples.

First up are some skirmishes armed with bows and javelins and shields

These skirmishes are Crete bowmen and slingers

And finally some Thracian light cavalry and some Peltasts

All in all I have amassed quite a large force, enough to get them on the table in the new year. When I'm at York convention I will be on the spend again and I will be looking to get a couple of bolt throwers and some elephants so I can use the army as a Successors army as well.  

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