Monday, 16 December 2013

Dark Elves v Plague Daemons 2500 points game

 I fancied having a go with my Dark Elves for the second time since the release of the new book. I changed the army quite abit from last time and opted away from any mounted troops in favour of some solid infantry blocks supported by a couple of war hydras.
Thanks enlarge to the sale of my Skaven army I had treat myself to a few new models for my Dark Elves to go with the Army book and i would be using some of them in tonight's game.

 First up is the massive Cauldron of model with the character options you get in the box set. It would be to get its first outing in tonight's game.

I managed to get a further 10 fine cast Executioners thanks to EBay at a bargain price, making my unit a much healthy 28 strong.

And finally of quite ready for tonight's game are my Black Guard, not cheap on the pocket (thank you Games workshop) but a lovely model I must say. It's the first time in all the years I have had a Dark Elves army I have owned a unit and when they are completed i will have a twenty man (elf) unit. 

Anyway here are some pictures of our Warhammer  game between the Dark Elves and Plague daemon army. The Dark elves claimed a victory with the Cauldron of Blood and Witchelves combining into a very destructive unit, and the Daemons faired poorly all game with the dice gods, fickle things these Chaos Gods!

We rolled meeting engagement as our scenario, straight away the dice started playing havoc with the Daemons,  3 units of Daemons failed to arrive for deployment and would enter play from the first turn onwards from the table edge. All the Dark Elves were curtious enough to be on time.

The Hordes of the Great Unclean One

The Dark elves battle line.

Plague Bearers clash into the Corsairs with a Beast if Nurgle. The Corsairs lose but hold their ground as a War Hydra moves into position to charge into thevDaemons flank.

All kinds of rotting, plague bearing, unclean green skinned Daemons head towards the fighting.

The Death Hag on top the Cauldron of Blood  seeks her prey and sets her sights on a unit of plague Bearers near the forest.

The Hydra crashes into the Beast of Nurgle and destroys it, however the Plague Bearers remain and in the next round of combat break and destroy the horde of Corsairs, and the skulking Battle Standard bearer in he rear rank.

The Darkshards and bolt thrower destroy what remains of the Plagur Bearers who had just overrun the Corsairs with a hail of arrow fire.

The lurking hydra finished off the nurgleings with relative ease and after a couple of rounds of combat the Witch elves and cauldron destroyed the Plague Bearers unit. In the final turn the Witch elves and Cauldron make a successful charge and comfortably destroy a unit of plague drones. The God of Khaine would be most pleased.....

After surviving 2 miscasts but in the process losing all her magic levels, the Sorceress takes haven in the watchtower to have a birds eye view of the carnage on the battlefield.

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