Tuesday, 3 December 2013

War of the Roses

We ran a war of the roses non historical battle at the weekend seen as my dad had recently rebased the models. We used Hail Caesar rules with a few amendments. I fought with Richard III against my Dad who was Henry VII.
The game was a close affair with me just about getting a minor victory at the end of the evening. Some poor command rolls had hindered my Dads right flank (Stanley's troops) to a almost stand still for the entire game and his left flank (Oxford) after some initial success was broke by my Norfolk troops.In the  centre Henry's and Richards troops fought each other with both sides having success with a possible slight advantage to my Richards troops.
Here's some shots of the action

The Start of the Battle
Norfolk and Oxfords troops clash
Henry waits behind a wall of archers and bill men with his cavalry 

First gains by Oxfords troops as they push the men at arms back though the field and break the Halberdiers 

Richard III and his knights look to charge through the opening in support of the men at arms but subsequently rolls a blunder
Stanley's troops stand and watch the battle contently 
Fighting back from there initial loses Norfolk breaks Oxford and Richards right flank is lost
Richard and Henrys troops clash in the centre
Stanley's troops decide to assist Henry but its far to late in the day, Northumberlands archers hold Richards right flank.
The end of the game.

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