Tuesday 16 January 2018

Age of Sigmar action

Another game we managed to fit in during the Christmas holidays was an age of Sigmar game pitting the Storm Cast Eternals against the Maggotkin of Nurgle. I took command of my dads Stormcast's for the first time and I had little hesitation in including the mighty Star drake with the Lord Celestant sat on top (see photo above). My dad has recently just finished painting this model so it was to make its debut along with a number of other units my dad has recently finished in Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane crossbows and the vanguard palladors (a Christmas present my dad received from myself and very quickly assembled and painted). I was Edgar to see how these new units would fair in a game so these units took up quite a chunk of my 2000points. With this in mind the bulk of my army was made up with Liberators in 5 man units backed up by some Raptors, Prosectuers and the hard hitting retributors along with some heros. 

Plague bearers and Putrid Blightkings hold the centre objective for the forces of Nurgle

The scenario we played (hold and burn) saw 3 objectives placed in the centre of each side of the table which was split into three sections across. to score points you had to hold your objectives to score one point or control your opponents for one point at the end of your turn. However if you controlled your opponents you could select to burn the objective their for removing it from play and scoring a D3 victory points.

The plague drones swoop down onto the Vanguard Palladors

The retributors arrive from the heavans and successfully charge the plague bearers holding the central objective on the Nurgle deployment area. The Retributors proved far to strong for the daemons and quickly sent them back to the warp, the Putrid Blightkings proved to be a sterner test but they also fell to the mighty hammers giving the objective to myself. I elected to hold the objective for a move before burning it and rolling a extra three victory points.

The great unclean one and plague bearers and herald hold the objective on the right side of the table. I choose to ignore this as they would have taken some shifting and instead held all my three objectives with the liberators for as long as possible to score victory points.

Liberators Hold the objective as the Palladors clash against the plague drones who manage to resurrect one of their falling drones with a blink of reality roll, the plague drones prove more than a match for the palladors after losing two of there numbers in return retreat out of the melee. The drones continued on and destroyed the liberators guarding the objective before burning it, however my dad only managed to roll a one for the victory points.

Horticulture Slimux is a new addition to the Maggotkin army and after slowly making his way over to the action (well it maybe a giant one but it is still a snail!) he managed to finish off the Prosecturs who had killed of a unit of pesky Nurgling swarms in a previous turn, however he had arrived to late to stop the objective from being burned.

After securing and destroying the objective the drones turned their attention to the central objective guarded by liberators and a Knight Vexillion but time was running out

Horticulous managed to engage into the Vanguard raptors who had demonstrated on occasions how effective their Hurricane crossbows could be. However on this occasion he failed to inflict any wounds onto the Raptors

The Lord Celestant and Stardrake proved to be very mighty indeed in this game and after accounting for a Nurgling swarm, a unit of plague drones (the Stardrake actually managed to eat one whole haha) and inflicting a number of mortal wounds from ranged attacks in the final turn it charged along with the liberators into the 20 strong plague bearers unit who were desomated under such a strong assault before the final remaining model was sucked back into the warp via a inevitable failed battle shock test. With another objective in the Stormcast hands I burned it to score a further point leading to a 17 - 14 victory to the Alliance of order Stormcast Eternals.

This game really was a lot of fun (even my mam commented on how she could hear my dad and I laughing throughout the game from downstairs, which it should be like 😄). The scenario played really well and offered up some interesting tactical choices. I enjoyed using the Stormcast eternals and in particular the Stardrake who was simply awesome. Age of Sigmar has proved to be a big hit for myself in the games I've played which I have been surprised at as when it was released a few years ago I just had no fancy at all and really didn't like the direction Gamesworkshop had gone from the Fantasy battles I had been used to gaming with them, just shows you how wrong you can be. Next time my dads Nurgle force takes the table top they will have a make over in the form of a new army book so no doubts their will be full of new tricks and mortal wound abilities to contend with. In the mean time I have started to paint my own force in the the From of Orruks Ironjaws which will be my main project for this year and I'm excited to get onto the table top (eventually!). 

Friday 12 January 2018

Finally able to update

The mighty imperial and renegade Knights 

My blog has been quite over the last few weeks, not just because of the Christmas & New Year festivities but for some reason I have been unable to upload any photos from my iPad onto the blog page. However somewhat out the blue while sat on my dinner at work it suddenly decided it was going to work (hooray) so I have uploaded a few photos of a 40k game I had with my dad over the Christmas holidays. We finally decided to field our mighty imperial/renegade knight(s)  in the game for the first time while picking approximately 2000pts each on top of this to play a open war game. My blood angels fell short of snatching a very unlikely victory from the Death Guard on the last turn in what was a fun game despite my dad destroying my imperial knight on turn 3 😢. 

Initial Death a Guard deployment with the Plague crawler (tank) also making its debut in super quick time. I bought this model for my dads Christmas present and by New Year's Eve it was completed and it added some heavy fire power to the ranks of the death guard.
Blood Angels Devastor squad tasked with laying heavy fire into the machines of the Death Guard force
I love the Imperial a Knight model but alas it was only to survive one more turn after this picture after losing its 24wounds..ouch
A tactical squad in close combat with plague bearers. I just could not kill off this unit to claim the objective as my dad kept saving with his disgusting resilient save and summoning them back when he did fail
Typhus and his body guard arrive from the teleport chambers into the thick of the fray
The Primaris Intercessor squad quickly turn to face the threat of the winged plague Deamon who has just finished ripping apart my devastor squad
After been riddled with Bolter Fire The Deamon prince turned his attention to my Primaris Warlord but despite its best effects it proved the lesser to BloodAngel in combat
The blood Angels librarian joined the fight against the plague bearers on the centre objective but not even his force axe could swing the balance. Somewhat ominously for the remaining marines the Death guard terminators were advancing to join the combat.
My last gasp move saw my Sanguinary guard arrive from the skies to attack the objective in my dads deployment zone, however two of the plague marines survived to continue to hold the objective in the death guard favour.
The Defiler gets to grips with the assault terminators as the death shroud guard also attack the blood Angels terminators. However the shields invunreble save proved more than a match for the attacks and in a final albeit fruitless moment of glory the terminators thunder hammers brought down both of Typus bodyguards.  
At the end of turn 5 my dads death guard held two of the three objectives claiming victory on the day.

I took a photo of my Blood Angels army to show the progress I have made over the last 5 months or so which I have to say I am pretty pleased about. I don't have loads of spare time to get my painting done so to see them like this on the table top made me feel those late nights were well worth it 😀
Since this photo I have some more bikes completed aswell as the fantastic redemptor dreadnought I got for Christmas from my parents painted and ready for action, hopefully I can gain revenge on the traitorous marines for the destruction of my precious imperial knight .

Thursday 14 December 2017

Happy Christmas to me 😄😄

And so it begins with the arrival of my new project to start in the new year, lots of gluing to be done (what's that dad, you will glue the all up for me I hear you say 😉) and a first for me to be painting Orks or as they are now called Orruks... Still should be fun building an army....

Sunday 3 December 2017

ACW Demonstration game at Battleground Wargames show

Last weekend the Independent wargames group put on a demonstration game at the excellent battleground wargames convention bring the wargaming season to a close. We put a ACW gameon demonstrating  the Pickets Charge rule set using Robbie's wonderful 28mm ACW armies which he has just about completed (or so he led us to believe). The game attracted a lot of attention and a lot of positive comments which is always a satisfying outcome when putting on a demonstration game. The show it self seemed busy but unfortunately I really didn't get a chance to have a good rummage around the trade or get a chance to really check out the other games although from my fleeting walk around the hall the games looked to be of a excellent standard. I did manage to grab myself some 40k bargains from the bring buy stands which was a nice bonus to the day. The game didn't play out to a conclusion as is the case normally for demonstration games but hopefully it won't be to long to I can get a 'proper' game in using Robbies beautiful collection. I will leave you with lots of eye candy from the game......

Friday 10 November 2017

A game of Sigmar

I had my first experience playing Warhammer Sigmar last weekend and it was definitely an encouraging one. This variant of the old warhammer game I played a few years ago has been totally transformed and I must admit for the better. When Sigmar came out a few years ago I just dismissed it without really been interested in giving it ago, moving away from 28mm fantasy battles to start different historical projects, really I think I just dismissed it as been a glorified skirmish game. Well here are at the present day and I openly admit I called that one wrong, last weekends game really ignited my intest again in 28mm Fantsy wargaming. I found warhammer Sigmar to be a really fun set of rules and both my dad and myself had a really enjoyable afternoons gaming. My dad has been steadily buying/painting the Storm Cast eternal and Blood gods armies and had enough done to have a decent size game. We played a open war game drawing a random card for deployment etc etc. The mission was nice and simple, scoring a certain number of points for models killed and double points for characters killed

The Warband of the blood gods played by yours truly 
My dad played the lesser numbered but equally powerful storm cast eternal
The game managed to last for the full five turns, despite my dads army having only two models remaining  at the end of the game he still managed to grab victory by the narrowest of margins. On my last turn I charged the remains of my blood Redvers into the Stormcast eternally general mounted on a monsterous beast just for a laugh to see if they could drag him down. Little did I realise that at this stage I was winning the game on points scored and did not need to charge the General, what happened next was the monsterous beast got very angry, wiped out every last model of the blood reavers giving my dad a 80-77 point victory, the demise of the blood Redvers in that one moment had lost me the game 😂😂😂😂😂
Skull crushers of Khorne trample underfoot the Liberators, these boys hit hard!
A Hellbeast is riddled with arrows from storm cast eternals bowmen (judicators?)
Blood reavers emerge from the undergrowth

The blood God warriors start to turn the eternals flank as the game tips in the chaos favour
All our troops finally clash in a long line of combat
The blood warriors clashing with the a Storm cast eternal icon bearer
The storm cast external line is just about broken
The Storm cast eternal infantry Are finally destroyed to a man
The infamous charge by the blood reavers.......
....and the outcome of that fateful charge......
The battlefield shows only troops in red armour remaining on the field aside from the storm cast eternal characters but this wax still not enough to se her victory.

We made one or two rule errors during the game and obviously forgot about certain abilities but the game was highly enjoyable and I am looking  forward to the next one, next time keeping track of my points scored during the game ha ha.