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Flames of war early Tank batlle British Armoured v German Czech Tank company approx 1660pts pictures



















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Flames of war early Tank batlle British Armoured v German Czech Tank company pictures continued













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Late war 2000pts German Aufklarugsschwadron company v British Infantry company

The game was a 2000pts late war encounter mission with a few alterations, these been that the reserves where available from turn 1 and we both could hold one unit in ambush. I played a German Aufklarugsschwadron Company from earth and steel against a British Infantry company from Fortress europe. My company consisted of the following
HQ with panzershreck team
x 2 full strength Aufklarung squads with panzerfaust
Light Panzerspah Platoon - 1 x kfz 223 & 2 x kfz 222
2 infantry guns 7.5cm lelG18 guns
Panzer Platoon 4 x Panzer IVH
Schwere Panzer platoon 1 x Konigstiger
x 1 Full stregnth Luftwaffe Jager platoon with panzerknacker
x 4 Motorised Artillery Battery - 4 12.2cm FH396 (r) guns
x 2 R-vielfachwefer Battery with extra crew
Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft platoon x 2 88mm extra crew
Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft gun platoon x 3 Flak43 guns
I placed the kfz 222's, luftwaffe platoon, Panzer platoon, 7.5cm LelG18 on table and placed the 88's in ambush, the rest were in reserve. I hoped the luftwaffe would get themselves dug in and hold the british off till my fast moving supporting halftrack platoons raced up from reserve. I placed my C-C with them as they are reluctent troops the extra morale roll may come in handy while defending my objective. My tiger roll was an ace so i had clever Hans and picked Everyshot counts! The british had to full infantry platoons, 2 artillery batteries on table and 4 M10s in ambush. After rolls for turns i got to go first...
No reserves arrived for the germans in the first two turns so the luftwaffe platoon dug in as did the light guns. The panzers advanced towards the objective in the houses in front of them with the reccee platoon in front preventing those m10's from launching a close range ambush. Shooting was largely ineffective during these turns...

In the british first two turns 3 platoons arrived Armoured HMG platoon and 2 sections of universal carriers, the carriers came down the flank along with 4 Shermans with a firefly, although the british artillery scored hits the light infantry guns survived and only one panzer IVH was bailed. however my right flank was under heavy pressure.
In my 3rd turn i got 2 platoons which were my heavy guns and the kingtiger. the guns came on my right flank and the tiger central, the tiger will give those shermans something to think about ;-)
The british HMG platoon fires there vehicle mgs at the recce platoon causing them to disingage, on the right flank the scout cars move up to my artillery platoon and open fire, any hits i recieved were all saved, there assault failed with dramtic effect as the squad were destroyed by the defensive fire from the guns. The Shermans took a direct hit from the tiger so the 3 remaining tanks withdrew behind the wood in the safety of cover, for the moment my right flank was safe. The panzer IVs returned fire onto the HMG Carriers destroying 3, killing all the passangers, the platoon what was left fled the battlefield.

Around turn 5 - 6 all british teams were on the board, the 2nd sherman platoon faced off against my panzer IV's, supported by another platoon of infantry. My recce platoon attempted an assault against this platoon of infantry but poor firing only killed one stand. Due to Defensive fire i had one kfz 222 bailed and i bogged another. The remaing one fought two rounds of combat but due to the british bulldog rule the infantry men passed there tank fear and bailed the remaining 222 before capturing them and destroying them. With my recee teams gone the m10's sprung there ambush which lead to the destruction of 2 panzers, however since move one the panzer IV had remained bailed so the platton need a morale check for been under strength which they failed!
My nice homemade german objective marker

Around turn 7 2 German platoons arrived from reserve, my Aufklang platoon arrived on the left along with the A/A guns which used there stormtrooper move set up next to the objective on the hill. The half tracks arrived on the left so they open fire with there mgs onto the infantry platoon
The sherman platoon heads down the road towards the german objective on the hill now the panzer IVs have been destroyed
The final german platoons arrived in turn 8, the vielfactweffers in the middle and the final Aufklaung platoon on the right. The halftracks went for broke for the british left flank objective and sped past the wood where the shermans were hiding. The luffwaffe platoon had seen off the universal carriers when they ventured to close ( the attached panzershreck team destroyed 2 carriers in one turn ) so they now launched an assault at the british infantry in the field who were pinned. The british had 5 shots, all which hit and pinned the Lufftwaffe platoon stopping the assault..mmmm reluctent troops in the open pinned, not good
The m10s opened fire on the haltracks destroying a couple, however most of my infantry passangers passed there saves. The british infantry launched an assault onto the halftrack platoon, after 3 rounds of fighting the germans fell back and fled from the battle, however the british platoon had gone understrength and failed its morale and fled.
The 88's decided the time was right to reveal themselves at long range to the oncoming Shermans, 6 shots from these bad boys made short work of the the shermans destroying another platoon!
The shermans in the wood shot at the halftracks destroying one and bailing one. The british artillery also killed a couple of infantry stands pinning the platoon but falling one stand short of causing a morale test.
In the German turn the tiger went up to support the half tracks under heavy fire from the british guns but surviving as the british guns failed there firepower test of anything but a one!!!!
The firefly from the shermans drives around the flank of the tiger but misses its shot, which could be costly. The remaing luftwaffer platoon fails its morale which is forced apon them due to going under half strength from shooting casualties.
The Auklarungs halftracks move within 4 inch of the objective and the tiger destroyes 2 shermans which forces them to fail there morale and the 88's, light guns and the Vielfachwefer hit the infantry in the field which destroyed the luftwaffe platoon, putting them under half strength, they fail this which would put the company at half strength so the british CC allows them to reroll, they fail again taking the british general with them fleeing the table.
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