Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Battleground war games show part 2

Following on from my last post here are some of the pictures of some of the other games on display at the annual Battleground Wargames show. I was unable to take photos of all the the games due to myself participating in my own demo game so apologies to the ones I have missed. First up was one of the two games (our Blucher game been the other) displayed by the Independent Wargames group. Collin and Robbie along with a guest appearance from Jon ref ought the battle of Rossbach in 28mm. As usual the game looked spectacular with loads of figures on display, if you want to read about the game I have added a link below to Collins blogg where he has wrote up a nice account of the game.

The lads from Westerhope put a lovely Colonial Sudan game on in 28mm. I had a particular interest in this game as I enjoy wargaming this period, some of this collection is over 30years old and still stands the test of time very well! 

I have seen this game a couple of times this year at other shows, however the sheer scale and size of the buildings still look impressive, the game was a 54mm version of Pancenoit by the Durham Wargames group

A interesting  participation game by the Border Riever group with lovely terrain set in the Mexian Revolution

This game was show casing a ECW game using Paper flats. It literally is a wargame in a box ready to go. It really did look quite effective and a great idea if maybe you want to sample a period without having to spend a fortune on lead building an army.

Consset Table Top group put a fine looking Western participation game on. I must admit time permitting I would have liked to have a crack at this.

Generals and kings displayed a WW2 blitzkrieg commander game using the early German and French forces. The standard of painting was very good on these models and the game looked great.

I hope I'm not mistaken but I think this game was by Brompton bankers, the terrain was really impressive.

A 10mm re fight of Waterloo by Tynside Wargames group looked impressive over a nice big table!

Redcar Ironbeares WW2 rapid fire game, I loved how they had painted their German tanks

All in all I felt the standard of games was good and of a better standard than some of the larger shows I have attended this year. I didn't have a shopping list of things to buy as alas it's a bit to near Xmas but I still couldn't resist buying a Y wing for my Xwing minitures games :) The attendance on the day seemed as though it was busy so hopefully the trade did well. The organisation was top notch so thanks to Leon and co from Pendraken, a great show and what makes it better is its on our doorstep so not much traveling was required. Next show will be February and my favourite show of the year at York. 

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